Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions with answers.

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When will the uniforms be available?
The ACU nursing uniform range will be available soon. The custom made ACU shirts take time to be made, as the fabric must be manufactured from scratch, cut, and sewn into the different styles of shirt.
How can I order my uniforms?
There are several ways you can order, choosing which method is up to you:
  • On-site Orders at fitting days
  • Online Orders
  • Phone Orders
  • Fax Orders
More information about how to order can be found by clicking here.
How long will it take for my uniforms to arrive?
Different garments have different manufacturing times. Some stock items will have a turnaround time of two weeks. Other custom made items may take up to 6 weeks. If you require your orders urgently please notify us either by adding a comment to your order, or calling us on 1300 222 669
Do I have to order all my garments at once?
You can order as many garments as you wish, whenever you like. The online shopping cart will operate constantly so that you can order at your convenience. There are discounts available for ordering uniform kits, usually consisting of a pant and two shirts.